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The following prizes are awarded at the Mathematical congress of the Americas:


The MCA Prize:

Five prizes are awarded to mathematicians who are no more than 12 years past their PhD at the date of the Congress. Eligibility for consideration of nominees requires that they either received their graduate education or that they currently hold a position in one or more countries in the Americas. The winners are invited to give a lecture on their work at the Congress.


The Americas Prize:

One prize is awarded to an individual or a group in recognition of their work to enhance collaboration and the development of research that links mathematicians in several countries in the Americas.


The Solomon Lefschetz Medal:

Two medals are given to mathematicians in recognition of their excellence in research and their contributions to the development of mathematics in a country or countries in the Americas.


Prize winners at the MCA 2021

Prize winners at the MCA 2017

Prize winners at the MCA2013

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