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REPORT of the MCofA meeting

Sunday, July 23, 2017

29 people were recorded as present



Susan Friedlander, as Chair of the MCofA executive committee opened the meeting.

It was recognized and appreciated that many of the Societies and Institutes of the MCofA made significant financial contributions to MCA2017. In particular, these contributions were essential for funding travel to Montreal by mathematicians without other travel funds.

Marcelo Viana, the MCofA Treasurer presented the financial report.

To date the MCofA account has $19,300. All of these funds come from payment of dues. The funds are held by the AMS.

An MoU between the IMPA and the MCofA under which the IMPA will act as the Treasurers office was presented and no objections were raised (See MoU).

An MoU between the AMS and the MCofA under which the AMS will administer the funds was presented and no objections were raised (See MoU).

An MoU between the CMS and the MCofA which defined the terms and services for the MCA2017 was presented and no objections were raised (See MoU).

Jacques Hurtubise, as the Chair of the organizing committee of the MCA2017 reported on the work involved in the overall organization. No problems were reported. The expectation was that the finances of the Congress would approximately break even.

There was discussion about the dates of the MCA conflicting with annual meetings of the MAA and SIAM. A motion passed recommending that in future the organizers of an MCA choose dates that do not conflict with the annual meetings of any of the 5 “large” societies affiliated with the MCofA unless this is agreed by the large Society.

It was recommended that MCofA approach Nassif Ghoussoub suggesting that BIRS/CMO become a joint Institutional Member of the MCofA. Marcelo Viana and/or Alejandro Adem will do this.

The Council approved the plan of Marcelo Viana that the MCofA apply for affiliate membership of the IMU and authorized Marcelo Viana to contact the IMU with this request. A draft of his message to the IMU is attached.

The MCofA approved the bid of Argentina to host MCA2021 in Buenos Aires. The organizers were strongly recommended to ensure that there will be at least 50 special sessions at MCA2021.



Take steps to increase the visibility of activities of the MCofA in a number of ways. In particular, start a Newsletter. Jose Castillo volunteered to set up the template for such a newsletter. Once it is set up we need a volunteer for an Editor. The Newsletter might follow the lines of the ICIAM newsletter. A subcommittee of James Colliander and Marcelo Viana was appointed to link MCofA with the social media, blogs etc.

Possible activities for MCofA outside the MCAs were discussed. These include giving small seed grants to help underfunded workshops for young people in “poorer” parts of the Americas. A mechanism for giving the MCofA “seal of approval” to workshops and summer schools. Both activities will require designing and publicizing an application mechanism. Helping Institutes in different countries co-ordinate joint workshops and possible “virtual” conferences via web connections. Such activities were also discussed at a meeting of Institute Directors during the MCA.

Set up better ways for members of the MCofA to communicate and stay in touch. Possibly have an additional meeting of members in person at the JMM in the year 2 years after the MCA. Submitted by Susan Friedlander, Chair of the Executive Committee of the MC of A August 3, 2017


Submitted by Susan Friedlander,
Chair of the Executive Committee of the MC of A
August 3, 2017



Mathematical Council of the Americas